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HAIX® Professional Footwear Repair

We know how important it is to have the right tools for the job.
We can repair most items on your HAIX® Professional Footwear with original HAIX® materials to HAIX® rigorous technical standards.
So you can get back to work!

HAIX® Extended Wear Program Canada services

  • Retread (halfsoles and heels)
  • New toe caps
  • Toe cap repair
  • Sewing of open seams
  • Hardware
  • Heelbacks (leather heel liners)
  • Shine/condition

Please contact us for pricing and turnaround times.

Why have Quick Cobbler repair your boots?

  1. Feet friendly. Your favorite boots are already broken in.
  2. Remanufacturing. Your local cobbler CANNOT retread HAIX® boots to our rigorous technical standards
  3. Materials. Utilizing only HAIX® outsoles that exceed all military and NFPA requirements


HAIX® offers a One-Year Limited Warranty on all HAIX® footwear.
If you should experience any defects in material or workmanship, please first contact the retailer where your boots were purchased or contact HAIX® directly through their Canadian website haixca.com.

Contact us to discuss your options to extend the life of your favourite HAIX® footwear!

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