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Topy Protection


To protect your nice, new, leather soled footwear we recommend we apply Topy Elysee Sole Protectors, imported from France. Topy Elysee are the finest quality protector soles on the market. Topy Elysee protection soles can be applied to Mens and Ladies, shoes as well as boots.

The Topy soles are very thin, very tough and come in a number of different colours. We usually match the colour of the Topy to the colour of the edge of the soles. We also thin out the edges of the Topy soles, so they will be virtually invisible especially when applied to thin soled ladies shoes such as Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, and the like. Thin sole edges stay thin!

We are very excited to now have in stock RED Topy Elysee protector soles. These are specifically designed for the famous red soles of haute couture designer, Christian Louboutin. Your red soles will now stay red as well as giving you added comfort and durability.

Come see us with your new shoes and boots.

If you really love your new shoes, you'd use protection!


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